1) Do not use major swearing, only swearing like: Crap, Piss, Prick, Shit, and others like that.

2) No vandalism.

3) No harassment. (Homophobic/Racist/Sexist/etc insults)

4) No stolen art. You're allowed to use art, IF credited. If it is not, and people tell you to delete, and you do not, that will be cause a block on your wikia account.

5) No gore. You're allowed to add pictures of slight gore to your pages, for decor, but not so much.

6) No plagiarism.

7) Do not ask for someone's information, if you do, you'll be warned.

8) Do not add pictures that are 18+

9) If a Chat Moderator, Founder, Bureaucrat or Admin is on break, do not ask for help with Coding and such.

10) If you're blocked/banned on an account, and you make another, we'll block/ban that one aswell.

Have fun!